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What is Nexy ?

NFTs are the new social. NFTs are the new way to connect with others around the world. Nexy is the first true social hub focused toward NFT enthusiasts that truly enables its users. This platform will provide new ways to make friends, build your network, organize events, and promote your collection. Enhance the value of your brand with the game-changing platform Nexy.


Enable location to appear on the map. Connect with other users and search for places to explore. Enable Ghost Mode when you want to go unnoticed.

Synchronize your wallet, access your blue-chip NFTs, and choose one to be your avatar.

Partnering with Nexy will provide your brand or business prioritized exposure to our valued user base. Want to register your brand or business with us? Fill out the contact form below!

Stay current with the public feed. Keep in touch with friends and spark new conversations with nearby users. Share experiences or stories with picture and vocal messages.